weight watchers meeting

This morning I was woken at 5.30am by my cat. There was no reason (he wasn’t hungry). I had the food delivery at 7.10am and then I spent the rest of the morning talking myself out of going to the weight watchers meeting. I am very persuasive and it was around 9.28am when I said “let’s just go!” . So off I went, battling the christmas crowds. I did get a park, which was excellent.. (the meeting I go to is at a Shopping Centre) I walked up the stairs filled with nervous energy. A girl came out of the toilets (she worked at the meeting) and was all smiles and was chatty. I had no choice but to follow her into the room where the meeting is held. My leader was standing at the product table sorting cookbooks. She saw me and dropped the cookbooks and rushed toward me to give me a big hug. She was so delighted to see me. She told me she had heard about my sister. I nearly fell down with relief. I seriously let out a huge breath that I had been holding onto (figuratively). She wanted to know what happened to her and what happened with the kids, and I was OK talking about that. (there was no one else there. Turns out I was ridiculously early). Anyway I joined up and weighed in (I put on since last week at home. My first gain in ten weeks!)  the meeting was not good . I mean it was good, but it was not long enough. It used to be half an hour to an hour before. This meeting was about 15 or 20 minutes. So many things have changed.

I was embarrassed when one lady said she thought I was super brave for joining three days before Christmas. I honestly didn’t even think of that.. It never entered my head that that was strange. Everyone clapped. Then my leader told them she’s known me about 15 years. That’s just crazy.

Anyway, I’m hoping to do well this week. I want to lose a minimum of 1kg.

Feeling very positive and happy. I’m so glad I went and I didn’t talk myself out of it.

Until next time

lose it em


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