Christmas eve

It’s my third day on the real Weight Watchers program and I am really liking it. I didn’t eat all my points yesterday, but I didn’t have too many left over (I had 12 left. There was no way I could eat more). I did always struggle to eat all my points. But I am making very wise decisions with my food and I am really happy.

I have already tracked my food for tomorrow night. It is just my mum and niece and I for Christmas day – so it is really like a normal dinner for us except I am cooking a turkey hindquarter instead of turkey mince haha. We have no junk food in the house, so I am not at all worried about that. I don’t like any kind of Christmas desserts, so that is also good. My mum gets annoyed because she likes Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and custard but I don’t like anything like that – so she will not have any because I won’t have it. I can see her point as I am likely to do that too when someone isn’t indulging in the same food as me, but I think she should get some just for herself (she won’t).
We got a ham for Christmas. I don’t really want to have too much of that as it is so salty and it makes me feel sick if I have too much. So I will have it for Christmas breakfast, as is the tradition.

Everyone at the meeting was talking about what drinks they were having over Christmas too – I drink water. I did go and buy a diet lemonade today, just for a treat. So that will be nice.

I heard from my nephew today (he wrote last night but I just read it today). He wanted to know if he could come over for dinner on Boxing Day. I immediately wrote to my niece (who is at her friend’s house) and asked if she told him to write to me. She did. He called her and asked if he could come over. She said that he thought I was mad at him. (I was) Really nothing to do with weight loss – but hey, it’s my blog haha. And it is kind of to do with weight loss as  when I am upset I could comfort eat!! haha. Anyway – he’s coming over for dinner. I haven’t seen him since September (he was living on the other side of Australia). I have already planned the menu for that as well, so that is great.

I have to say – I am so so glad I went back to the meetings this week. I feel so much more in control and focused again. I was really starting to wavier before and I hated that feeling.

Oh I weighed in yesterday – just for old times sake haha. I actually only put on 0.05kg (1.7 ounces/ 50 grams/ 0.11 lbs) So I was pleased with that. I know I should be in for a good loss at WW on Thursday. As long as I keep on track.

Anyway – that’s all from me on this hot Christmas eve (I think it’s time to put the AC on!)
Until next time

Lose it Em



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