It’s been forever

I don’t know why I stopped posting, but I thought I would come back with an update. To date I have lost 32.55kgs (71.61lbs). I am pretty happy with that.

I am a bit worried I will put on this week as I’ve been a bit lax when it comes to eating takeaway. I will try and undo any damage next week.

All my clothes I was wearing had become really big and I was a bit embarrassed to wear some of the things. So I went shopping… in my wardrobe and found a few things I fit into that are brand new (tags on). So that has been exciting.

I got my treadmill set up and I was doing that for a few weeks in a row. Then I got sick with a really bad cold and I had to stop doing it. I have only just got over that so I need to get back into it. I really enjoyed doing that walk.

My kitten is now six months old. He has grown like a weed. He’s highly entertaining. Love him to bits.

Not much else happening. I’m feeling a lot better within myself. I have been getting on top of the housework and keeping the house really nice at all times. Once it’s tidy it’s easy to keep it tidy. I have also spent a lot of time decluttering and getting rid of things I don’t want (which is half the things I own).

Until next time

Lose it em


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