Weigh in

Another week has flown by. I had a really good week too. I did have takeaway once, which I counted and fit into my daily points. I was quite impressed with myself. My family wanted treats all week. My mother wanted chocolate and ice-cream (which she got and ate). I can honestly say I was not tempted at all. I knew I could get anything I wanted in the entire supermarket, but I went home and had an orange. That’s what I wanted.

So I was quite confident that I would lose this week. I weighed in (yesterday) and I had lost 1.6kgs (3.52lbs). Yippee. 😊

I am going strong and I am more determined than ever. I think the fact that I bought a 12 month membership to weight watchers online is keeping me accountable too. If I don’t stay on track, it’s a waste of money. Plus – I really want to go on holiday in December, so I want to feel comfortable in the plane! I want to be at my lowest weight ever when flying. That’s my goal (or one of them.) Thinking about that motivates me. 😊😊 Normally when I think of flying I get anxious and a bit short of breath. But I know if I weigh less, I am more likely to be less anxious. (I’ve been on too many planes to count – but each time I’ve been a nervous bundle until we start moving and then I am fine. One time I was flying alone to the UK and I almost had a panic attack sitting, waiting to go. I don’t know what it is… I’m not scared of flying. I just hate the build up and the wait… It’s so strange)

Until next time

Lose it em 🐱

PS thought I’d add a photo of my kitten.






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