Weigh in day

Today I weighed in and was delighted to find I had lost 1.7kgs (3.7lbs) bringing my total up at 23.05kgs! (50.81lbs)

I figured I lost this much due to me cutting down on carbs. I used to eat a lot of bread (well, I had it for breakfast and lunch) but I have cut down to just lunch and now I have sandwich thins at lunch which are wholemeal and less points.

Also my kitten is insane and keeping me on my toes!! I think he might be part wild… I’ve never had a kitten like him. (as I write this he has been climbing up the back of my bed and attacking my hair!)

Tonight I had the option of buying dinner, but I just threw some chicken and potato in the oven instead and had that. It was delicious (except the potatoes are really floury and I don’t like them. I need to buy new ones). I am getting stronger again with the no take away thing. I hate that it is always a “thing” for me. I guess it always will be. Grr.

I am updating my instagram again, which has been good. I missed posting pics of my food as it really helps me stay on track.

Looking forward to the week ahead.
Until next time,

Lose it Em


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