I’ve been MIA

The day after my last blog I lost internet. I just got it back on tonight. Two months without the internet!!! It has been utter hell! Well, it has sucked.

I quit Weight Watchers meetings. I really had had enough of them – when my leader got back from her holiday she was letting her helper take over half the meeting. I just couldn’t cope with it. I needed to leave. I was and still am so happy that I left.
Mid April it was my niece’s birthday… and the beginning of my stupidity! I tried REALLY hard to stay on track, but the takeaway and the sugar made me its slave again. My birthday was 9 days after my niece’s and she bought me cupcakes. Cupcakes are my kryptonite! So, the craziness continued into May. And then I said NO MORE. I did not want to gain all the weight I had lost back. I did not want to continue with this stupid yo yo I had been playing with for YEARS! So – I rejoined weight watchers online. According to them, in six weeks I only gained 700 grams, so that was brilliant. Last week I lost 2.8kgs and I am into my second week back now. I struggled the day before mother’s day as my niece told me she was going to buy cupcakes. Then all I wanted was the damn cupcakes, but thankfully, she didn’t get them. I didn’t let her buy me anything bad yesterday at all. I was quite proud of myself. It was HARD to say no! We did have chinese food with my mum too – I don’t know how many smart points are in a chinese chicken omelette, but I only ate half of it and I had boiled rice with it (I love boiled rice so much better than fried rice). So, I don’t think I would have gone over my points. (my niece’s mother, my sister, is no longer alive – in case you were wondering why we didn’t spend the day with her).

I got a new kitten – not related to weight watchers, but super cute. He is now 14 weeks old – he is a little monster. I adore him. His name is Stefan and he is pure black. I have had him for five weeks now. I might share a photo soon (I haven’t got any on this laptop). He’s growing like a weed. It is so sad how fast they grow!

I am feeling good in regards to weight watchers – I didn’t want to go back to the meetings ever again. That last experience really put me off (which is really sad). I am liking doing it online so far. I signed up for 12 months, so I am really committing to it.

All up now I have lost 21.35 kgs. (46.97lbs) 🙂 Pretty happy with that.

I have my internet back now and everything is as it should be in that department, so I shall be blogging more again. 🙂

Until next time

Lose it Em!

(it’s 11.55pm and my kitten is going mental running around the house in the dark, banging into things and making so much noise. I forgot how much work kittens are! Exhausting!)





One thought on “I’ve been MIA

  1. Life... At Any Size

    I prefer WW online over the meetings as well! I’m usually a super private person, so the risk of running into someone I actually knew was too scary for me to ever bother with the meetings. Good luck and welcome back!

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