This week has been a weird one for me. I feel off track, even though I have not been off track. I got a chicken schnitzel roll with gravy on Tuesday night for dinner – the family were having burgers and since I don’t eat red meat, I couldn’t have that. So, I got the schnitzel. That was fine. But then I got two potato scallops as well. Omg they were so good, but they are so greasy! I bet they are super high in points. I didn’t care though.

I weighed myself this morning, just to see how I’m going and I am almost back to the weight I was the week before last, so that made me happy. I am going to the meeting tomorrow, my second last. I am excited not to go to meetings anymore. They kind of made me feel bad. Which is weird.

I am still umming and ahhhing about doing WW online. I was going to, then I wasn’t, then I was. Ugh. I am so annoying. Make a decision girl. I am going to ring them and talk about it. I think I should do online just for a while at least. I do love the app, so that is the main reason I want to keep it.

Today I am feeling really positive and good about WW though and I feel like I am out of my little funk that hit me. Such a weird thing, I don’t know what happened. But I am glad I am feeling better. (Oh, it might have been that whole ice cream debacle of 2017!)

I am going to make my menu plan this afternoon and get things sorted for tomorrow – I want to do some meal prep and get organised. I kind of wish I only had to make dinner for myself because I would just prepare the same thing every night and be done with it. But I don’t think it is fair to my family to do that. So I will try and make at least five different meals for the week. (I can repeat two things, I don’t think they will mind)

I think I might start a menu plan now while I feel inclined.

Weigh day tomorrow. Fingers crossed I stay the same or lose a little bit.

Until next time

Lose it Em



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