Stronger than yesterday

I am feeling so much better! I am not longer feeling like a junkie who is missing out on their next dose of drugs. My sugar cravings have gone. YAY. I did not want to fall off track and I didn’t want to let all my hard work go to waste. I did put on though. I am not sure how much as I didn’t even bother going to my meeting. I am sick of that place actually. Especially since my leader has been on holiday for the last three weeks. I couldn’t take it anymore. So I just stayed home and regrouped on my own.

I will go the next two weeks – then I think I have decided to continue WW online. (I haven’t looked at the cost just yet) So that will be sorted on Monday, I hope.

I just looked it up and according to my home scale I put on 1.4kgs last week. Really NOT surprised by that at all!! I have accepted it though and I will lose well this week, I know it. I am back to being good again. Go me.

It’s crazy how sugar can change me though. It isn’t good at all.

I bought more apples, 2 oranges and some rockmelon today. I already had an orange, it was so delicious. I would prefer that 100 times over ice cream or anything else junk food sweet.

The weather has changed – it’s now Autumn. We have had so much rain and gloomy skies. It really has made me SO HAPPY!! I went to the beach yesterday and today (I didn’t go on the sand) and it made me so happy to stand on top of the cliff and watch the crashing waves, the angry sky and smell the fresh air. I was giggling like a fool when I got back into the car (I only got out to take photos). It was so nice. I can’t wait for winter!!!

Well, that’s about it for now. I need to get organised and start dinner soon. Oh that is something else I wanted to say – I am going to do some meal prep really soon! I know that will help! (I have been good making dinner – but I do get lazy at times and struggle to get motivated so if it’s all prepared it is super easy to be motivated.)

Until next time
Lose it Em


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