Sugar. Evil Sugar.

I am struggling. I have not struggled like this in quite a while and I blame sugar. I saw that Halo Top icecream is now available in Australia (well, it’s been available for a while, but now it is available at a major supermarket) and I have seen online how people in America are loving it. For months now I have seen people talk about it. I saw someone on Instagram post a photo of the Birthday Cake flavour and I lost it. I NEEDED to buy it! I saw that it was $10 for less than 500mls and I still HAD to have it! (Which is ridiculous as I NEVER buy icecream that is that expensive!!) It was the Birthday Cake flavour that sucked me in in the end!

So I got two pints of the stuff. I originally got one for me and one for my mother. She tried some of mine and she didn’t really like it… So over the next day I finished off that tub. It is 8 points for the whole tub, I hear. It isn’t too much damage really, in the grand scheme of things.

But then I started wanting more sugar. I wanted more food that I normally would – I didn’t eat anything more than usual, I suffered through the cravings. But it was not good. It still is not good, but I am trying to deal.

I ended up having McDonald’s for dinner that night (the Halo Top night) and I went over my points for the first time ever! I was really annoyed with myself. But I let it go.

Today I knew that damn second tub of Halo Top was in the freezer. I kept seeing photos online – on Facebook and Instagram, people talking about it. Ugh, it was driving me nuts knowing I had a tub. So between breakfast and lunch I ate it. All 8 points worth and I tracked it. I have never ever eaten that much icecream in one sitting!! This stuff is really evil.

So now I want sweet stuff. Now I am going to have to go cold turkey again to get it out of my system. It is so weird as I can have a Skinny Cow icecream and be ok with that. But no more. No icecream or sweet treats. I am not going to be influenced by social media anymore. I shall stick to what I know I like and what is good for me and what is working! I bet I have gained this week. I have accepted that and I am moving on with it. Tomorrow is a new day and I shall make it through fine.

I am really glad that Halo Top icecream is $10 a tub because that alone makes me not want to buy it! Apparently that is the introductory price. I wouldn’t be shocked if it went up! Gotta love living on an island in the middle of nowhere – they increase prices and we have no say in the matter! Ugh.

It is late – 12.43am and all I can think about is what I am having for breakfast. I am never like this. It is so annoying!!
Give me three days and I will be fine again!

Until next time
Lose it Em


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