Week 18 weigh in

I weighed myself when I woke up this morning – I had a feeling I had not lost anything and I was right. I weighed the same as last week on my scales, meaning I would weigh more at the Weight Watchers meeting. I was so disheartened. I fed the cats and threw myself back into bed. I decided I was not going to the meeting. I was mad as I had done almost everything right this week. There was no reason for me to stay the same. I had been exercising though – that always always messes with me. Such a strange thing that.

The weigh in starts at 10am and the meeting starts at  10.30am. I was still in bed at 10.03am – I was fighting with myself. Telling myself I needed to just go and get weighed, and the other part of me was fighting that I did not have to go. Ugh. So at 10.05am I got out of bed and threw my clothes and shoes on and quickly plaited my hair and headed out. There was a massive thunderstorm as I was leaving (I didn’t see rain then – just loads of thunder and lightning.. It stormed for hours though – I got wet after the meeting). I got to the meeting with time to spare (I live about five minutes drive from the meeting) and I weighed in to find I had lost 200 grams. I was not happy about that at all but I guess it is better than staying the same. The leader lady (not my normal leader) was telling me that it is probably the hot weather and drinking more water that is the problem (if I were a person who wore rings, they would have been very tight this morning).

I stayed for the meeting (which was ridiculous as my leader is away and her helper took over – the other leader was there just because. It would have been better had she lead the meeting!!) I felt better that I had gone to the meeting though. I know I would have been ridiculously unhappy all week because of the result on my scale.

So I am continuing – as usual. I am thinking I will have a good loss next week, or at least I hope that is the case!

Until next time

Lose it Em


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