Week 17 weigh in

I totally forgot to write any blog posts last week. I didn’t even think to put up my weigh in blog. Bad me.

It is now Tuesday morning – (1.39am) I am really tired, but I haven’t gone to sleep yet. (again, bad me).

On Friday I went to the meeting – and I lost 1.3kgs! yay. I was very excited. I got my 5% bookmark from Weight Watchers. I was pleased about that, even though I have really lost so much more. hehe.
Now I have lost 16.35kgs (35.97lbs) all up. Only 3.65kgs to go until 20kgs! Wow – that kind of blows my mind. When I started my journey again in October, I didn’t really expect that I would stick to it for this long and to do so well. I have tried time and time again since 2011 to lose weight and I never made it really far. So it is a really nice change that I am over 16kgs down and I am still motivated and enjoying doing it. I don’t want to quit or be bad. Such a nice feeling .

This week I decided I would get takeaway. It was really late and I had to get my niece from work, so on the way home I grabbed food. My niece and mum got what they usually get at the place (they sell bbq chicken). I only got a 1/4 chicken though – I didn’t get the large chips I would normally get. I had a bagel with it when I got home. I was proud of myself. But the chicken made me feel sick all night long. I didn’t even eat the skin. So that sucked. But it was good – I am not likely to get that ever again.

The weather has been so bad this week. Actually most of the summer has sucked really bad! We had 47 degree Celsius weather for two days in a row though – it was hideous. There were many fires (not near me) and people lost their homes and livestock and pets. It was horrible.. So so sad. I can’t wait for summer to be over. I seriously hate it.

I hope to lose again this week – my leader won’t be at the meeting this week. She has gone on holiday to New Zealand for two weeks. It will be weird with her gone, but there will be another leader that I know.

I am going to start riding my spin bike again tomorrow. I need to do it more than two days in a row though. hehe.

That’s all for now
Until next time
Lose it Em


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