Positive progress

I have been feeling a bit off the last few days. I’ve been sleeping a lot (today I could have slept all day, but my family wouldn’t let me). But I have been so good with my food and points. I have eaten all my points every day and I am really quite proud of myself.

I have not been craving takeaway food. My mother said we should get something tonight as I felt so ickky, but I said no and made dinner. Not craving takeaway is huge for me. Lately I have been thinking of takeaway and then immediately I think of the food I make and how much more I will enjoy it. Take away is not worth the points!

In the mornings I have been getting up and planning the day. I write it all in my tracker and then I know exactly what I am having and when. This never used to work for me in the past, but it is working now. I have only changed one day so far and I have been doing it for 11 days. Record.

I have been going through some stress with my family. I am happy to tell that I have not been emotionally eating either.
I have been having the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich – I bought two boxes (vanilla and mint). I have had two this week. I initially only wanted one, but I felt like I needed it (I didn’t NEED it *eye roll*) so I had it. That was the day I moved my meals around to fit that in.
I am hoping I will do well at the scale this week.
I have not been weighing myself every day anymore. I think there is something wrong with my scales though. They still either say the same reading all the time or they will show a completely different one if you weigh something else in between weigh ins. It is really weird. They are Weight Watchers brand and they used to be so good. I will need them to be more accurate when I leave the ww meetings!

I am feeling positive about weight loss though and am excited to continue.

Until next time

Lose it Em



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