What a strange feeling…

Things have been going well. I have been sorting out my whole day in the morning when I get up so I know what I am having and when. I have been sticking to my points really well and I am very excited by this. I didn’t think I could do it before, but now I know that I really can.

I am still thinking of quitting the meetings when I finish my subscription though. I am now 99% sure I will quit. I won’t quit losing weight though. I will continue with that, for sure. It is something  I am really committed to now.

My nephew was going to come over tonight and do a “McDonald’s run” with my niece (to buy food for us all) – he just got his licence yesterday so he’s excited that he is now allowed to drive alone. The first thing I said was “I don’t want anything to eat!” I had eaten all my points for the day and I wasn’t interested in eating any more. Yay me. He didn’t end up coming anyway – he decided to come in the morning. (Hope there isn’t a McDonald’s run for breakfast! Must make sure I eat before he comes so I can say “I’ve eaten” hehe.

Anyway – yesterday I was sitting in the lounge room at around 3.30pm and I started to feel really sick. But it turns out I wasn’t sick at all – I was HUNGRY!! It was the strangest feeling. Suddenly I am getting hungry in the day time – at times I have never felt hungry before. (well, I used to, but not for years now). So I am guessing all this eating my points malarkey has awoken my metabolism! That is a really great thing, I know, but I had to have my yogurt and fruit at that time instead of after dinner as I just couldn’t wait til dinner. haha.

Tonight for my dessert I had a bit of a fruit salad. I had rockmelon, watermelon and an orange. I haven’t had an orange in YEARS. I seriously cannot remember when I last had one. But I do love them and I can’t recall why I have not had one in years. I only bought two, so I shall save the other one until next week. (I don’t eat a lot of fruit, just a little after dinner).

Anyway – I am pretty happy with how things are going. It is raining so hard right now – it makes me so happy to hear that!! Especially after having 41 C temperatures today! I hate summer!!!!

Until next time

Lose it Em


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