Non Scale Victory (part II)

I have noticed that the pants I wear (I have one pair of pants that I will wear in public right now – I used to have lots, but I have lost them as I moved too much) are far too big on me now. I feel embarrassed wearing them sometimes. They are supposed to be 3/4 pants (capri) but they come down to my ankles now. I am short to begin with (5 foot 2) and so they were mid calf before, which was fine, but now it’s starting to look ridiculous.

Last winter I bought a pair of “jeggings”. I didn’t like the sound of it – but I bought them and they fit and I didn’t feel uncomfortable in them. Then a couple months later they didn’t fit anymore (too small). So I just went back to my other pants. Last night I decided it was time to try on those other pants. They not only fit, but are heaps looser than when I first got them. I was very pleased with that. They are far too long (a problem of being short) so I will have to roll them up lol (I would have them hemmed but there is no point – they won’t fit for long!! But this time they will be too big, not too small!)

My shirts are too big too, but I won’t bother about those for a while yet. Having a big shirt doesn’t make me uncomfortable. I have heaps of other ones to wear when the time comes.

I am doing really well with my food – I have not had anything bad in a really long time. (At least two weeks, which is a long time for me haha). Actually, since I started back at Weight Watchers I have only had two take away meals. I have wanted more – but I didn’t have it in the end. I did a sneaky weigh in this morning just to make sure I am heading in the right direction and I am 🙂 I am happy with myself.

Until next time

Lose it Em 🙂


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