Weigh in Thursday – week 12

Well, hello everyone (and my future self as I tend to read over my old blog posts when I am in need of inspiration).

Today, again, I had my alarm set for 8.30am and my cat woke me before 6am. Does he know what day it is? Does he think he’s funny? I don’t know, but I was so exhausted. Furry beast. I did weigh myself at home this morning. I shouldn’t, but I like to know what’s happening.

I went to my weight watchers meeting and weighed in there and I lost 1.4kgs (3.08lbs). I was very pleased as so was my leader. She kept going on about how well I was going, so that is nice. All up at weight watchers (in two weeks) I have lost 4.7kgs (10.36lbs). My total all together is 13.15kgs (28.99lbs). Not too shabby for 12 weeks.

I did struggle last night with food again – ugh, seriously, sometimes I feel so out of control. And it makes me angry because I don’t want to be bad. I wasn’t bad though – I made dinner and we all enjoyed it. I haven’t thought about dinner yet and it is already 5.30pm. I need to sort myself out. I shall make a menu later on and stick to it this week.

I now only have 13.6kgs to go until I reach my first mini goal. I am happy about that. I would like to have no gains until then too. I have only gained once so far and that was because I changed weigh in days. (I had lost it the next day – so that was not really a gain either).

Anyway – I am ready for this next week. I would like to surpass my 5kg mark at ww and get my reward. It used to be a bookmark, but I am not sure if they still do that.

A lady today at the meeting (I sit next to her every week) asked me what I do for exercise. I said I don’t do any (nothing on purpose, of course I do incidental things). She was shocked and asked me if I am starving myself. I said no, I am just concentrating on my food. She lost less than me this week and was a bit odd about it. It was as though she wanted to lose more than me and was annoyed when she didn’t. I am not in competition with her… I don’t want to have a race. I hope she isn’t like that again. (She is a lot older than me too – I was a bit surprised). She likes cats though, so I like her haha.

Until next time

Lose it Em


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