Back to normal

The world – back to normal now that Christmas and New Year is over. I like it when things return to normal. The mail starts being delivered again, the shops are open at proper times.. It’s good.

I have been very good with my eating 🙂 Last night it was 7pm and my niece and mother were asking what was for dinner. I considered buying dinner – my mother suggested we go for a drive and buy it. We went for a drive, but all I could think of was my “15” mini poster I have on my wall and of me wanting to lose 15kgs before the end of April. I figured if I ate out, that is really not sticking with what I really want. So I came home and made chicken fried rice, which we all enjoyed.

I have been feeling sick all day long and I just have no energy so of course, dinner time comes around and I want to just get pizza from Pizza Hut. I wanted the deep pan, chicken and mushroom pizza with the tomato base. I looked up the points and of course they were extremely extravagant… and I said nope. No pizza for me. So I got up and made dinner. Turkey patties, potato, mushroom and cauliflower. It was delicious and only 12 smart points.

My mum and my niece ate the rest of those chocolates that were in the fridge, so that is brilliant. There is more chocolate for my nephew in the fridge, but it’s wrapped in christmas paper, so I am not bothered by that. It is so annoying that you can be tempted by something you really aren’t fussed on in the first place.

The mind is a bit of a crazy thing – it tricks you all the time. It says “We used to eat that and it was marvelous. Remember that? We loved it so much. You should have it again!” but your taste buds have since changed and you don’t actually like what your brain is telling you you do! It’s tricky. Obviously you are remembering the feelings you had when you ate certain food – you don’t really always remember the taste. At least that is how it is for me. I lived in London for a year and I was obsessed with Double Decker chocolate bars. In my head I had built them so high and I had told my niece and sister about them and how wonderful they were. We all went to England for six months and of course the first thing I made them do was try a Double Decker… I couldn’t even finish mine. I thought it tasted absolutely disgusting. I had no idea why I had thought they were so brilliant. Stupid brain. Tricking me. No more I say. I am on to you brain. Your trickery won’t work here any longer!

Until next time

Lose It Em



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