Happy New Year

It’s January 1, 2017. It’s already after 6pm. I’ve done nothing today and I’ve enjoyed it.

Last night my mum wanted those chocolates, so I ended up just handing her the box. She ate more than two (two is a serve according to the box). She felt really sick after and was filled with regret. I felt no regret as I ate none. I felt tempted for two seconds and it passed.

Today I have started drinking my green tea again. I used to drink it a lot but then stopped because, basically, I was too lazy to make it. I find it helps if I have cravings for sugary foods. Odd, but true.

I’ve even stopped drinking diet lemonade. I was drinking it last week and I get to a point where I will choose it over water.  So I didn’t buy anymore when it ran out. I miss fizzy drinks. But I am coping ok (I do not like any other fizzy drinks. Fizzy water or anything like that. If I am completely honest I don’t like the diet lemonade much either. I just have it because it was the only drink I found that was fizzy that I could tolerate!)

I’ve thought of another goal for this year. I want to get things done that need doing. Like ripping up the carpet and having floorboards installed, cleaning up the gardens, sorting my wardrobe.. All the things I put off.

I have so many clothes that are waiting for me to fit back into – I’ve got them all bagged up in sizes.  I need to find a better storage solution for them. (I don’t want them taking up so much room in my wardrobe. I could put them in the garage).  These are all clothes that I love and am looking forward to getting back into!

I feel positive about the plans I’m creating and excited to get started. I think I will start tonight on my chest of drawers. (I don’t have many clothes in there – it’s all letters and paper work that needs to be sorted, filed or chucked). I just have to make sure my mum doesn’t see what I’m getting rid of as she will try and keep stuff haha.

Until next time

Lose it em


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