There’s a lot of talk right now about goals because the new year is approaching. I am not one for making new years resolutions – but I have decided to set a goal for myself in regards to weight loss. I want to lose 15kgs (33lbs) by April 20. I say April 20 as that is the last weigh in before my birthday.

I saw a thing on tv today about setting goals and the lady said if you are setting a weight loss goal you should have your goal somewhere where you can see it. So I have made up a mini poster thing and stuck it on my wall. (It says 15 – April 20) It is bright and colourful and it has been there for 20 minutes but whenever I look at it, I feel inspired to reach my goal.

I may even start working out in the new year – I’ve not decided yet. haha. I will get to that at some stage in my journey. Later.

Tonight my niece wanted chocolates from the box in the fridge. I said yes, because, let’s face it – if she eats them, then I won’t be tempted by them anymore. (I try to make sure the box isn’t visible when I open the fridge). So my mum had two as well. They offered me some and I said no. All I could think was 7 points for two!!! Later I was thinking to myself “What’s half of seven? OH DON’T BE STUPID! You AREN’T having one of those chocolates! You won’t even ENJOY it!!!” So I had a glass of water instead. haha.

I most likely won’t post anything tomorrow – unless something fabulous happens. So, Happy New Year .

Until next year

Lose is Em


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