Weigh in Thursday

My first weigh in at weight watchers (well, second, but it’s my first week of losing there). I already know how I’m going to go. I was naughty and weighed myself this morning. Let’s just say my leader shall be happy. I will wait til I weigh in there before I say the “official” results.

I took my niece to the hospital last night and we saw the Dr at the clinic. She got an X-ray immediately and then we waited to see what they saw. Apparently there is no break, but we need to wait until Tuesday, she has to go back to her normal doctor and get the X-ray report and see what that says. If they see a fracture it is then off to the fracture clinic. I also had my cat at the doctor yesterday as he has a swollen lip. It’s an ulcer and he’s allergic to something. He can’t have steroids to help him as he has had diabetes in the past and that messes with diabetes. So I need to wait and see how he goes. If it gets worse within two weeks I have to take him back and get antibiotics. He does not seem bothered by it at all, thankfully. So yesterday was hectic and very hot. By the time 9pm came I had eaten only lunch (11 smart points). My niece was hungry, my mum was hungry ( I had fed them both before we went to the hospital). So I stopped at McDonald’s on the way home. I was so hungry there was no way I could wait to cook something. I didn’t go overboard. I got nuggets and a small fries. I was still under points by the time I went to bed.

Today’s forecast is 42°C (over 107F)  I am really not looking forward to that. I think I will rush home from my meeting and spend the rest of the day in front of the air conditioner. 😄 tomorrow is supposed to be hotter 🙁 I hate summer so much.

It’s later now. I weighed in. I lost 3.3kgs (7.2lbs) bringing my total loss (including pre ww) to 11.85kgs (26.1lbs). That’s pretty close to my 12kg goal by new year’s eve. So I shall take that 😄 my leader was shocked and Happy. She also asked if I had a good Christmas, even though I lost so much. I don’t see why you are expected to gain just because it’s Christmas. Not everyone likes all the food associated with Christmas. (cake, ice-cream, cookies, lollies etc)

During the meeting my leader asked if she could share what I had done and I said yes. so she told everyone I lost 3.3 and there was a collective gasp and then they broke into a round of applause. I was quite embarrassed. Then I was given an option of two prizes.. I picked the pink silicone steamer. I was shocked I received a prize! That’s not happened before.

Looking forward to the coming week

Until next time

Lose it em



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