Red Rooster ‘classic quarter’ meal is 20 smart points. Twenty!! That is so ridiculous! I was going to have that for dinner as my mum wanted something other than food cooked at home. (she said she didn’t think I should cook as it was hot) I was getting ready to go get the food when I checked the points and then I told her – no, I would cook dinner. (the meal is a quarter piece of chicken and a regular chips/fries) Red Rooster does not keep you full for long and it really isn’t healthy. So I was really happy that I didn’t have it. I have not had take away once this week – which is great considering I ate out about five nights last week.

I drove my niece to her grandparents today – it is a two hour round trip. It was a nice drive though. The traffic on my side of the road wasn’t bad, but coming back it was bumper to bumper on the other side. I was glad we missed out on that. (It’s school holidays and it was a public holiday so I wasn’t surprised by the traffic. They were warning people on the radio about the traffic delays.

I didn’t eat all my points again today. I am not sure if that is going to work against me at weigh in – I guess I will see. I hope it won’t.
I have already planned a fun New Years Eve dinner – a homemade pizza. Just on a lebanese bread. Not real pastry. So that should be nice. I can add all sorts to it. I know mum will want pumpkin and spinach (she mentioned egg too – she once had that in London and she loved it). I will add chicken as well. I am looking forward to that. I do love Pizza Hut pizza, but know I know the points values for that – that’s never happening again unless there’s a very good reason for it.

I have cut up all the ham and frozen it in small bags. I am glad I got that done before I forgot. All the turkey is gone too (the hindquarter) – so we are back to really normal food tomorrow. For lunch today I had a leftover turkey and cheese toasted sandwich. It was delicious. That turkey hindquarter wasn’t that big, but it went a really long way.

Well I have taken so long to write this post that it is now after midnight – so it is Wednesday. I am excited as I have my meeting tomorrow then. Depending on what happens today – I will report back tomorrow with my weigh in results.

Until next time
Lose it Em


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