Boxing Day

Today was hot. It was 33 degrees Celsius, but it felt like it was hotter than that. Later in the week (thurs, fri and saturday are apparently going to be between 42 – 45 degrees. I’m moving to Antarctica)

I didn’t do much today. I had leftover ham and egg (yes, there was leftover egg from yesterday lol) with toast for breakfast. I did not enjoy it. There was too much ham and I just can’t deal with it… For lunch I had leftover turkey on a bread roll with cucumber on the side (Yes, I am really weird about mixing certain foods). For dinner I made turkey patties and had leftover potato with some veggies. I did not have any ice cream from McDonald’s when my mum wanted to large hot fudge sundae (I looked up the points when we got home  – I didn’t dare tell her how many she had consumed! Oh my! It was over 20 – i forget right now. Thankfully I do not like hot fudge sundaes)

My mum wasn’t feeling well today – she has bad asthma. The heat makes her worse. So I took her for a drive around the beach. It is amazing to smell that air at the beach and instantly feel better (in your spirit). It is a magical place and I am grateful that I live so close to some beautiful beaches.

I was talking to my mum about how I am worried about breakfast… I have a very limited amount of foods that I can tolerate, so it makes life really hard sometimes. Sometimes I don’t want to eat a meal at all because it is just too stressful trying to figure out what to have (that is why I try to plan my food in advance). So breakfast used to be simple for me – I would have porridge (oatmeal) or cereal. Then milk started making me feel incredibly sick, so I can no longer have that. Porridge also made me sick. That really limits what I can have…. I can eat eggs – but I can’t eat egg every day of the week!! I could have pancakes… But I make those with an egg – so while I am not eating an egg, I am, because it is in the batter. (I guess I could make it without but it isn’t as good). I am going to have to do some research on foods I can eat and maybe bring the issue up with my leader. She knows I am an oddball when it comes to foods. haha.

Anyway – things are good. I am feeling good.

Until next time,
Lose it Em


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