Week 9 Friday weigh in

I’ve got an issue with a nerve.  I think it’s probably sciatica. It hurts from my back all the way down to my ankle. My ankle then swells a little. I don’t have this pain all the time but this week I have had it for the last few days. It is so annoying and so painful. I was worried about my swollen ankle (you could only notice it was swollen if you were me Hehe. ) and that it would affect my weight loss. I weighed in this morning and saw I had lost 0.95.. (1.9lbs) I was sooooo bummed that I didn’t make it to 1.1kgs. But I should take what I get and be happy with it. I have lost a total of 9.9kgs (21.8lbs) – again, so bummed I am 10 grams off 10kgs. I wonder if those 10 grams are in my ankle!!

Ugh. Next week I shall be able to say I have lost over 10kgs. Sigh.

So my goal this week is to get over the 10kgs lost mark. My other short term goals are to drink more water and eat a healthy meal every night. 😊

Onward and downward.

Until next time

Lose it em


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