Almost Tuesday

It is after 11pm and I am happy to report that I am doing well 😊. Tonight I almost bought dinner. My niece went out to dinner with some friends and so my mum suggested we get take away. I considered it for a while (half an hour) and then I got up and made dinner. I really enjoyed it too. I was so glad. I am back in the good headspace again. Yay. I was worried for a little while that I was going to the dark side (they have cookies!) but I appear to be safe. 😊

It’s later now. I just found out my nephew (he’s 17) is moving back home from the other side of Australia where he’s been for the last three months. (he was supposed to be away for a year, but I guess he missed home too much). He told my niece (his sister) he doesn’t want to see her on Christmas day. He doesn’t want to see my mum or I either. I can’t believe how rude that is. So much for Christmas being about family.  Actually I don’t really celebrate Christmas. I usually treat it like another day. But I try to make an effort to be cheerful for my niece and nephew… I shouldn’t really care. But I do. It annoys me so much. I need to let that go.

I need to sleep. It is 1.22am.

Until next time

Lose it em


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