Week 8 weigh in

I weighed in on Friday (it’s now Saturday) and I stayed the same. I expected to gain. I was all positivity and light last Friday… Then the week happened. I just didn’t care. It was so hot and I didn’t want to cook most nights. So we ended up getting take away about five nights last week. I forget. I did write it all down.

I was really annoyed with myself by the end of the week though and dragged myself back to being healthy. So I made dinner last night and I’m back on track again. I hate how easy it is to slip back into old habits. I didn’t really enjoy the take away though. Most of it made me feel sick. So there’s no point having it. If only I remembered that!

I’ve been having weird dreams. I don’t like it. I’m still being torn by my crossroads of life. I need to make a decision soon as to what I’m going to do. It basically involes moving from one country to another. That’s why I’m so unsure. It is a huge decision.

Anyway. I will keep writing here this week. It helps me. I know last week I didn’t write much because I was not wanting to admit to myself that I was out of control.

Until next time

Lose it em


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