Monday already?

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of my sister’s death. She had just turned 43 a few weeks before. I chose to ignore the day as much as I could. We spoke about her briefly, but otherwise I was quiet and spoke about other things. That day 4 years ago was horrible, why would I want to remember it???

Anyway, so I did not eat my feelings at all yesterday. I probably didn’t eat enough food. I didn’t have breakfast. For lunch I had chicken, cucumber and sprouts on a wrap (that I made) and for dinner I had turkey patties with homemade oven chips, mushroom, zucchini and beans (green). I didn’t have anything else all day. Today I got up at 7am and actually ate breakfast. I do try to eat it,  but I have been going to  bed late and getting up super early to feed the cats and I’m just too tired to eat sometimes. Bad.

I have to admit that the two days before my sister’s anniversary I had take away food. 🙁 on Saturday night I was out dropping my niece off at her friends and I was so hungry. My mum needed dinner too so I just grabbed it on the way home.  😕 On Friday night I was just feeling lazy. I felt lazy last night too but I said to myself that I want to lose at least 1.05kgs  this week so I can say “I’ve lost 10kgs!”. So I need to focus for the rest of the week!!

Until next time

Lose it em


2 thoughts on “Monday already?

  1. The 5th anniversary of my sister’s death just passed, so I understand. It’s hard. Good job on not turning to food to deal with it. And great job on getting back on track with breakfast. You’ve got this.


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