Week 7 weigh in Friday

I am so tired. I went to bed last night around 10.30 or 11pm. I could not get my mind to relax, I tried all my techniques and even one I saw in passing on Dr Oz the other day haha. Then my mum called me into her room to talk about Christmas presents for my niece. I finally got back to bed around 1am and was settling down, falling off to sleep when my niece got up (at exactly 1.11am) and decided to make herself nachos!!! She was so bloody loud and I let her know I was not pleased. 😕 I didn’t fall asleep until she went back to bed. I don’t know what time that was. Grr.

Then at 6am one of the cats woke me by chewing on my phone charger. He knows I hate that! (he would too if he got electrocuted!) and then I remembered it was Friday. Weigh day.

I didn’t know what to expect because I felt heavy. I always feel heavy on weigh in day lol. Last night was hard… My niece wanted dessert after dinner.  I was so full from dinner that I really don’t know how she ate anything else. But then mum wanted something. Ice cream and chocolate. So… I took my niece  to the supermarket at 9pm to get dessert. I had expressed that I didn’t want anything but when I got home my mum kept offering me the ice cream and chocolate. I can easily say no to ice cream but the chocolate was harder. In the end I had one square. Then I scanned it into my fitness pal and saw that a serve was two squares!!! Two!! That’s tiny. Well, some squares are big, but still (it was a Cadbury marvellous creations block).

Anyway I felt like throwing ww away and eating all the wrong things but I didn’t. And I am proud with how I keep saying no. Not always, but so much more than I used to!

So weigh in results from this morning (geez, I’m chatty this morning) – I lost 1.15kgs (2.53lbs) bringing my total weight loss to 8.95 (so close to 9kgs, I feel like rounding up, but I won’t 😂) (19.69lbs). I’m pleased with that result.

I said I wanted to have lost 10kgs by Christmas and I believe that will happen, so that is brilliant. there’s three more weigh ins before Xmas day, so I hope to have lost 13kgs by Xmas.

I am going to start exercising soonish I think. I really don’t want to haha. But I will go ride my spin bike and perhaps walk on my treadmill. Maybe after Xmas I will do that.

Feeling motivated. Let’s get this week started!!! (oh my mum told me she isn’t weighing in this week because she ate most of the chocolate. I had to giggle at her face when she said it. I don’t think she’s in the right space to commit 100% and I get that. I’ve been there.)

Until next time,

Lose it em


6 thoughts on “Week 7 weigh in Friday

      1. No, I don’t think so. My niece doesn’t need to lose weight and she eats whatever she likes mostly. My mum just wants “bad” food and I think she would feel better about being bad if I was bad as well. She wants to lose weight and has been, but she’s still a slave to the ice cream and chocolate.


      2. Fair enough. I’m not trying to malign them or anything, G-d forbid. I’m sore they want the best for you, but I guess it isn’t their battle right now. I’m amazed you could eat just one square of chocolate. That’s incredible. Well done.


      3. Thank you. had it been a bag of chips I doubt I would have stopped haha. My mum is excited for me about losing weight. I don’t feel like they’re trying to sabotage me… Half the time I hate the food they want, so that helps haha.

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