Weigh in Friday – week 6

I actually forgot it was weigh in day this morning. Thankfully I remembered before I ate or drank anything. I have struggled this week so I expected to put on at least a kilo or more (I said to myself that 2kgs would not be surprising). I weighed in and was reallllllllly mad at myself. I put on but I wasn’t sure how much, so I looked up last weeks number and it turns out I actually lost .65 (65grams/ 1.45lbs)!! That’s a total of 7.8kgs all up (17.1lbs). I could not believe it!! I ended up eating takeaway 4 nights out of 7! I didn’t eat any other food that is “naughty”. So, even when I was being out of control, I was still partly in control.

Today I am back on track and super motivated. I’ve even got food out for dinner. Gasp.

Tonight Gilmore girls is on TV. I’m not snacking while watching it (we are going to watch all 4 episodes in a row!!) very excited.

Until next time

Lose it Em


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