Weigh in Friday. Week five.

I was excited to weigh in this morning.  I should have realised something was amiss immediately. I stayed the same!! I was so shocked that I weighed twice. I’ve no idea why I stayed the same! 😦

Maybe I didn’t drink enough water this week (I know on Wednesday I drank no water at all). Maybe I have not been eating enough. I missed breakfast two days this week and didn’t have lunch til after 3pm… I’ve been eating all the right things, except the McDonald’s, which was enough to make me not lose. Maybe my body is in shock from losing 7.15kgs in five weeks. Who knows. I’m really quite bummed though. It won’t throw me off track though. I am determined to have a good loss this week. (so I stayed up and had breakfast after I fed the cats and weighed in. Normally this week I’ve been heading back to bed after I feed the cats). I’m drinking my water and reassessing what I should do this week coming.

I was going to make pizza tonight. My niece finishes her exams today. We wanted to celebrate. As soon as I saw I had stayed the same I thought that I shouldn’t have the pizza party. But I shall. I want to have something nice for her to celebrate her first year of uni completed. It is a great achievement with all she’s been through.

I am grateful I didn’t put on though (I would have cried) and I know I can do this!!!

Until next time

Lose it Em


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