Slip up

So I had a slip up last night. Not sure I would call it a slip up really though. I didn’t go over my calories according to my fitness pal.  My niece wanted food so she begged me to take her to McDonald’s. I ended up getting six nuggets. I didn’t get anything else, like fries or a frozen coke, so it was minimal damage. I don’t think it will bother my weight loss this week as I’ve been extremely good other than that.

I’m not feeling too well today in the stomach. I wonder if the nuggets have something to do with that. Who knows.

Anyway I’m glad there is just one more day until weigh in. I want to see how I’ve done.

I noticed in the car that I am not sitting as close to the steering wheel. So that is a non scale victory 😄

Until next time.

Lose it em


4 thoughts on “Slip up

      1. Classifying food as good or bad is something that I find can really set me back. Because if I’ve eaten something “bad”, then there is the forbidden pair of that, so I’ll over indulge.
        If, however, it is not bad but just something unhealthy that I should only have in limited amounts, then I can permit myself that amount, enjoy it, and continue with my life without the guilt and negative self loathing.


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