Meal Prep – take two

This morning I was woken by my cat too early, as usual. I wanted to start meal prepping but I had a bad sinus headache and it was already hot at 6am. So I didn’t worry about. I lay down and had a nap instead.

When I got up I went straight to the kitchen and started organising myself. It’s now 5.10pm and I have prepped four meals and I have one in the oven cooking. I also cut up all the chicken thigh fillets I bought and froze them. I feel very proud of myself!! I didn’t make the nuggets like I did last time, but I may just use some of the cut up chicken for that during the week.

My niece wanted McDonald’s for lunch. She was quite whiney about it. I said she could have it, but I didn’t want it (and I didn’t). So in the end she had a salmon sandwhich and I made a chicken bread roll for my mum and I. Everyone was happy.

I still have a bunch of stuff to do, but at least I sorted all the chicken. I shall cook one more meal tonight then I shall do more tomorrow.

Feeling good.

Until next time, Lose it Em



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