Emotional eating

I am glad to report that I did not allow anything bad to pass my lips today. I didn’t struggle at all with food, which was really a blessing. I did struggle to make dinner but that is only because it was so hot and I didn’t want to be in the kitchen. I made it though and it was fabulous.

My mum mentioned today that it was my my sister’s birthday. My niece said she has been trying to not think about it all day. I think we all did that. I know I didn’t want to discuss it. We did discuss my sister though and that was fine. My mum even told us the story of her birth again. (My sister was older than me) So that was nice.

I got all my groceries today, with a minor hiccup (he driver didn’t give me all my bags even though I asked him and he said he did. He came back about 15 minutes later with the rest of my stuff.) Tomorrow I need to start the meal prep. well, I did start tonight but my cat was being naughty and it was too hot. (She kept trying to steal the turkey mince.  none of my cats are ever naughty like that. I  was shocked)

I need to sleep so I can prep early in the morning

Until next time, Lose it Em.


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