Weigh in day. Week 4.

It is now November 12. I weighed in yesterday at around 5am. My cat decided that 4am was an acceptable time to claw me in the lip to wake me! Thank you for that you fury beast. I did my best to go back to sleep, but once I was awake, I was awake. So I weighed in quite early. I did weigh in later too – after I had fallen back to sleep just to see if I weighed less, but I was exactly the same.

I lost 1.05kgs (2.3lbs). Acceptable. I wasn’t very pleased really, but that is just me being hard on myself, as I am.
I have lost a total of 7.15kgs (15.7lbs) in three weeks. So that is nothing to sneeze at. 🙂 I am really impressed with how I am going.

I ordered a tonne of food to be delivered tomorrow (I would have gone to the supermarket, but I didn’t want to carry anything). So I am going to do more meal prepping. I am down to two packets of chicken thigh fillets from the last time I did it. I do find it so super helpful though. I love how it keeps you on track. Can’t wait to get into it (this time I shall not complain haha).

Today is my sister’s birthday. I am incredibly sad that she is no longer with us to celebrate it. It is the 3rd birthday without her.  Seems so unreal. Time has gone so fast and I still feel as though I am waiting for her to knock on the front door.
My niece reminds me so so much of her sometimes. It frightens me. I can walk into a room and she will be standing there and I see my sister. Some of her mannerisms are so similar. A stupid comment she thinks is funny, a smirk, a laugh. 😦 It makes me sad. But also makes me happy that a part of my sister lives on (and is doing exceptionally well for all she’s been through).

So I say Happy Birthday to my sister. And I do promise today not to eat my feelings!!!

I want to lose 10kgs within three more weeks!! (two would be brilliant)

Until next time,
Lose it Em.


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