Weigh In Friday!

I weighed in this morning… why is it I can feel really confident every day of the week except the day when I weigh in ? I always feel heavier. Moving feels harder and I just seem to drag myself to the scales. It is quite weird.

I lost 1.5kgs though (3.3lbs)!! YAY ME. I wasn’t very pleased at first actually – I felt I could have done better. Which is completely silly as 1.5 in one week is fabulous! In three weeks I have lost 6.1kgs (13.5 ish lbs). That is so brilliant. I am really pleased with that.

New goals for the week!
So my long term goal is still the same – Get to healthy weight range
Short term goal is to lose 8 – 10kgs before the end of the year (it’s 8 more weigh days til the end of the year)
Immediate goal – keep drinking water and eating well.

I can’t recall what my last short term goal was… I think it was the same as that one I just wrote.

I have written out what I shall make for dinner every night this week. I am pretty pleased with that. Tonight we had nuggets I had made and frozen (uncooked). They were delicious.

Let’s hope this week is as good as last week.
Until next time
Lose it Em 🙂


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