At 1am this morning my niece asked me if I would drive her to McDonald’s so she could get something to eat (apparently there was nothing in the house!). I ended up taking her and she bought my mum a wrap as well as her food. She wanted to buy me something but I said no. I really wanted to get something as I was hungry, but I didn’t. I was so proud of myself!

I waited until this morning and ate when I got home from doing some shopping (I had to get cat food mainly).

I feel like I have come so far. Me saying no to takeaway food is really huge. I was practically addicted to it three weeks ago. I now don’t want it at all. I want to keep losing and be happy. I’m so glad my head is finally in the right space!! It took quite some time to get back here. IMG_20161103_094003.jpg

my delicious breakfast. So so much better than ponky McDonald’s!

Until next time

lose it em


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