Bit of a struggle

I am doing really well with my eating but bloody hell these last two days have been a struggle.  I am guessing I have pms or something equally as girly, so I can’t wait for that to stop. I’ve been extremely emotional too, like crying at the drop of a hat. I cried during a commercial on tv (admitedly it was about slauhtering cattle, which really upsets me but I don’t usually cry at commercials). So I am hoping tomorrow will be a bit better in that regard. My struggle though was with food … damn chocolates! My mother wanted dessert, and all we had was the bloody chocolate in the freezer. once I took it out of the freezer for her I wanted it. (Seriously,  it’s fine in the freezer!) So I had one… it was a cadbury caramel, a serving is 3 chocolates and that is 124 calories, so I had about 41 ish calories… I stopped at one too, which is good. (My mum ate the rest of the packet)

I am actually excited for friday to come so I can weigh in. haha . This is a feeling I used to get when I wemt to weight watchers before. So it is nice to get that feeling back. I am so much different than last time as I had take away food a lot. this time I haven’t. I was getting up tonight to make dinner and my mum said “Do you want to make it or just get something?” and for about 10 minutes I did contemplate getting something, but I just got up and made a really nice dinner (except for the pasta… it was hideous). We have not had takeaway food once this week. yay me!!!

I’ve noticed something about my niece… if there is food in the fridge, she will get up at about 1.30am and eat and then go back to bed. She probably won’t do it tonight as there is no extra food in the fridge, but it is a bit of a bad habit. She doesn’t hide it though, she will tell me.

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a washing day (clothes). That will keep my bad thoughts at bay if I have any ( I hope they’re gone).

Until next time

Lose it Em



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