Small Victories

It is now  November 1, 2016 (it’s 12.14am) and I am just about to go to bed, but I wanted to document my small victories last night. So it was Halloween and we never do anything for this… we have no trick or treaters and we don’t do anything special. This  year we decorated the house inside as we just love Halloween decorations. We had a nice dinner, made by me and then we decided to watch a dvd. Mothman Prophecies. .. because it was halloween my family wanted treats… so I went with my niece to the supermarket and we bought chocolate, chocolate biscuits and chocolate covered caramels. I threw a milky way in as well. (In case anyone does read this and lives in America, a milky way here is like a 3  musketeers over there but much smaller.)  Anyway, so my niece wanted the chocolate biscuits  before dinner and I said no… .immediately after dinner she was into the biscuits (cookies). I was planning on having one biscuit and maybe my milky way. Before I did that though I got out my phone and looked a My Fitness Pal and checked the calories in each thing we had. I was shocked as hell that one biscuit was well over 100 calories . I don’t  really understand calories but I do know that that isn’t good for just one small thing.  So, as  much as I love those biscuts and as much as I wanted one, I said no. I checked the milky way and it was about 144 calories I think, which seemed more reasonable.  But then I decided I didn’t even want the chocolate. So, instead I had 4 crackers with a happy cow cheese wedge. I didn’t like the cheese… I thought it tasted sweet (I am very weird when it comes to food, I taste things that most people wouldn’t… like the cinnamon in a McDonald’s coke!!!)  I did like the crackers though, they are wheat ones I used to have when I was young. I will have them again  but without the cheese. I will give the cheese to my  mum.

But that was a great night for me. I feel like I am  getting stronger all the time and to be able to say no like I did tonight makes me really proud of myself!   I am really amazed at how different I feel. I know I am going to be successful this time!

Until next time,  lose it Em


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