Meal Prep

As I sit on my lounge wrapped in a warm dressing gown, I can’t help but be relatively shocked that people are correct when they say meal prep is hard work. I had big plans – I bought a mountain of food and most of it still sits in the fridge. I’m exhausted. I’m also quite lazy and my brain was like “I will do it later”. I let myself listen to that evil voice. I thought the people were exaggerating when they said it was hard (but well worth the effort)

I think I’ve had that approach to weight loss for a few years – I will start tomorrow. It’s stupid. But of course I could justify it to myself. I’m good at that.

I want to set some goals. One being to do the rest of the meal prep tonight. I am not even cooking the food. I’ve just been cutting it and making nuggets and turkey patties. Next time I won’t aim so high I don’t think.

Tomorrow is weigh day. I feel quite confident that I will lose again this week. I’ve been doing really well.

So I shall check back in tomorrow.

Until next time

Lose it em 😊



2 thoughts on “Meal Prep

    1. Yes, I agree. I just wanted to have everything in place for a few meals as I tend to get lazy and not want to cook, even when I have the ingredients (obviously I’m trying to change that way of thinking though).


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