Where shall I begin?

Hi. I used to have a blog a few years ago – but I thought I would start a new one. Fresh start and all that.

Back in 2002 I started at Weight Watchers for the first time. I was really motivated and ended up losing 50kgs. It took me two years – mainly because I liked take away food too much haha. But I did it and I was really proud of myself. I looked good. I wasn’t at my goal weight, but I wasn’t too far from it. Something strange happened when I lost 50kgs though. It was like my brain said “Well, you’ve done that now, let’s celebrate!”. So I did. I ended up putting on weight and then losing it again and putting it on and losing it – you know the story, I’m sure. So now I sit here, so many years later – older and not any wiser. I am 13.55 kgs heavier than I was when I started in 2002!

I am extremely mad at myself that I let this happen. A lot of things have happened in those years – some of them extremely bad, but still, I should have respected myself more. I restarted (I’ve restarted a million times, but this time I actually am ready!) on Friday and I have been doing very well. I live with my mother and niece (I am my mother’s carer) and they are both supportive of the weight loss journey. My mum wants to lose weight also. My niece doesn’t need to lose weight, but she certainly has our genes and has the ability to gain weight fast if she isn’t careful. So this will benefit us all.

I am not going to the weight watchers meetings anymore. I do love the weight watchers program and I think the meetings are fantastic – but I don’t want to spend the money right now. So I am loosely following the weight watchers program – but not fully as I don’t know the new points values for anything anymore. I have cut sugar out of my diet almost completely. I am not a sugary person (I am sweet enough) so it really isn’t an issue for me (once it is out of my system – I was a slave to the frozen coke!!)

I want to start meal prepping. But I don’t want to eat the same meal every day of the week (I say that and I have eaten the same thing for lunch for the last  four days haha) so I am going to make up seven different meals. I think it could take me quite a long time – but it will be worth it in the end. I am looking forward to that.

Well, I should probably end this here – I tend to ramble a lot.

Until next time –
Lose it Em 🙂



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